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New Surprising Divorce Statistics

The world has changed a great deal in the past 50 years, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the legal system and how it has begun looking at and dealing with divorce. Although individuals no longer marry in their early 20s, the divorce rates are still at nearly 50 percent, although they do appear to be dropping. Researchers believe that nearly half of all children living in the United States are products of divorced parents, and some question if those children believe they must then get divorced as well. The fact is, divorce is tough to study, more difficult to understand, and challenging to experience. Here are new surprising divorce statistics that make understanding divorce even more confusing.


Although many individuals have their divorce attorney Altamonte Springs FL fight for legal and physical custody of children for them, reports show that almost 90 percent of divorced mothers

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Tips on Preparing to Divide Your Marital Assets

Every state in America offers some kind of no-fault regulations, although Michigan is a true no-fault state. That simply means the state doesn’t hear traditional blame situations during the divorce hearing. Approximately 80% of no-fault divorces go uncontested which expedites the process and encourages faster healing. However, many couples still postpone the inevitable due to worries and concerns over splitting assets during a divorce. Your Michigan divorce attorney can always help with this if or as problems arise, but it’s good to know some tips to help you do as much as possible on your own off the clock.

Try to Keep the Divorce Communication Open and Civil

Your divorce will involve heavy communication with your Michigan divorce attorney and your spouse. The more open and civil you can keep that communication, the better for all involved. Do not try to hide assets, accounts, or proof of income …

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