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Tips on how to legally rent a house

One of the things that most people across the world will get to do at least once in their lifetime is to rent a house. Even for those that we’re lucky to have or inherit a house early enough, going to school or temporarily relocating to another city could require…

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How To Co-Parent During a Divorce

Most divorces involve negative feelings between the former spouses.  Because of this, it can be difficult to reach a compromise regarding your kids. Learning to co-parent is difficult, but it is worth overcoming your differences for the good of your children. Use these three tips to learn how to co-parent…

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Whispered Civil Litigation Secrets

The process of resolving disputes by filing or answering a complaint by means of the general public court docket system. Defended a global car and truck manufacturer with respect to a nationwide class action alleging faulty brake assemblies on one of the manufacturer’s truck lines. After we removed the case…

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Proof (28640) Spring 2018

Guidelines of Evidence I. Stronger condemnation alone is probably not successful. 289 If prosecutors proceed to supply the improper evidence and the trial courts continue to admit it, appellate courts can add emphasis to their holdings by naming the prosecutor who supplied the proof or even sanctioning prosecutors who disregard…

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Car Insurance System
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Senate Bill 54: A Florida bill That Would Repeal the No-Fault Car Insurance System

Senate Bill 54 is changing the way that we think about car insurance in the state of Florida. Under the current no-fault insurance program in Florida, all drivers are expected to take any personal injury protection insurance coverage. PIP insurance coverage allows motorists to file a claim with their own…

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