The process of hiring a divorce attorney can be overwhelming so you should be considering interviewing before hiring. It is only by asking questions that you can find out whether the divorce attorney is able to handle your case. You can take advantage of the free consultation to ask the questions you want. The following are 6 questions you can ask your divorce lawyer in the first meeting.

1. How Much Experience You Have in Handling the Divorce Case?

You should ask about the experience of the divorce attorney at the start of the free consultation. You need to find out how many years the lawyer has been offering divorce services and how many similar cases he has handled before. Hiring an experienced lawyer will ensure that everything is handled correctly. You don’t want to get overwhelmed from having to check the work of the lawyer now and then.

2. Can You Explain about the Divorce Procedure?

Next, you can ask what can you expect from the divorce procedure. Not all divorces are the same so you need to ask the lawyer to clarify with you this. The procedure will involve filling out forms and submitting the proper paperwork. You will have to serve the other party the appropriate information. You may have to obtain temporary orders from the court to obtain custody of your child while the divorce is in process. The procedure also depends on whether you want to settle the divorce outside the court or stand trial in the court hearing. The lawyer should let you know how complicated is the divorce case and how long it will take to resolve it.

3. What is the Next Step to Take?

You can ask the divorce lawyer about the next step you should be taking. You should be hiring a lawyer if your spouse has already hired a lawyer. Sometimes, you will be asked to wait for some time before filing for divorce. The lawyer will prepare a written contract and ask you to prepare an advanced deposit for the case. The lawyer may request more information before filing for your case.

4. Do You Have Any Experience in Negotiating for Financial Settlements?

You want to ask the question of whether the divorce lawyer has any experience in negotiating for financial settlements if the divorce involves a large business or division of assets. You want to make sure that the lawyer is knowledgeable and knows what he is doing. The lawyer can offer advice on how to divide the assets if both you and your spouse cannot come to terms.

5. Are You Familiar with the Local Court?

You will want to ask the divorce lawyer whether he is familiar with the local court. A professional lawyer will know the names of the local judges and be familiar with the way they rule. It is important for the lawyer you hire to maintain frequent contact with the judge and other lawyers so that he is able to plan a good strategy to win the case.

6. How Can I Save Money in Divorce?

You can ask the lawyer whether he can guide saving money on the divorce lawsuit. The cost of the divorce lawsuit will depend on several factors including the complexity of the case, and whether you and your spouse are on amicable terms on various divorce issues. There will be lesser issues for the lawyer to tackle if you and your ex can decide on the major issues such as assets, debt, and child custody.