Aspiring attorneys who dream of working on one of the largest firms in the United States should need to understand that there is a big chance that they will achieve this goal after earning their degree if they attend a top-ranked law school.

Reputable firms or firms that have at least 50 legal counsels (and can employ hundreds or even a thousand more) used to be particular about who they hire. Experts argue about how many lawyers need to work at a firm in order for them to be called as a big company.

Some say that only the country’s most prominent offices (which employs more or less 500 lawyers or more) are the only one that can be considered as actual big firms. Big companies are very enticing to a lot of young and hungry legal counsels, because of the salary (which is usually a six-figure salary) paid to first-year associates at big firms like Albany law firm.

According to lawyers who have tons of experience as managing partners at big firms, they usually prefer to hire legal counsels who are alumni of elite schools that place in the top ten to fifteen in national law school rankings. Some private firms primarily employ graduates with a Juris Doctor degree that places the top five or ten in general. These graduates have a better chance of finding a job at prestigious companies.

Talented lawyers who graduated from average or lower-ranked schools usually need to either gain a couple of years of excellent legal work experience or achieve excellent school grades to convince prominent firms to hire them. In contrast, it’s common for alumni of top universities to get jobs at prestigious firms straight out of law schools without working their way up from the bottom, according to experts.

According to experts, a lot of the country’s top agencies recruit most of their associates from elite Juris Doctor programs because they receive a lot of competitive applicants. Because of this, reputable agencies have the luxury of being choosy when it comes to hiring their first-year associates.

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Prestigious offices have the top pick of the crop when it comes to recruiting, and they need to put some restrictions on their process so that they will not get overwhelmed by the influx of resumes from applicants. The irony is, top legal counsels that made decisions to focus on hiring lawyers from top universities do not attend these schools themselves.


Another reason why these large offices hire alumni of top schools and undergraduate institutions with excellent credentials is to know themselves from their competition. Not only that, some alumni of selected colleges and universities have personal connections with top business executives who are looking for legal representation, so hiring well-connected associates helps their office expand their client pool.

Nevertheless, experts suggest that people who can’t gain admission or afford to attend these prestigious schools should know that you can still work for big offices, even if they are not able to get hired immediately as an associate after earning a Juris Doctor degree.

Law schools that you enrolled in are going to be very important for your first job. The things you do after that is going to dictate the rest of your career. Talented business legal counsels without a Juris Doctor degree usually spends a couple of years after school, gaining experience in corporate litigation, which can help them become eligible and marketable for jobs at prestigious law offices.

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Not only that, big firms that prefer hiring alumni of selected universities for a first-year associate position will usually make an exception for fresh graduates who graduated at the top of their class from selected schools. Students that did not graduate from ivy league or top-tier universities can maximize their chances of getting a scheduled interview at reputable offices by prioritizing getting the highest possible grade they can get from their school.

They need to put earning higher degrees above working during their time in the university. After the grades, participating in the review would also be very helpful, and is a given for most new applicants or hires of top-tier offices. Fresh graduates or first-year associates can still get jobs from these companies even if they did not graduate from Yale, Stanford or Harvard is they have the right credentials on their Curriculum Vitae.