Not all work-related injuries or workers’ compensation claims require legal counsel, especially if the injuries and missed work are minimal. Your employer should help you navigate the process. However, in some circumstances, such as a denied workers compensation claim Oregon, you may seek an experienced workers’ compensation attorney.

Preexisting Condition

Whether you have a medical issue or you have been injured in a similar or the same location in the past, the insurance company may claim that you have a preexisting condition and refuse to pay your claim. You may be blamed for your own injury, whether you are at fault or not. Injuries that develop over time, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, are often denied without legal counsel.

Personal Injury Lawyer

Claim Denial

Insurance companies are for-profit businesses and may choose to deny your claim. For example, they may claim that your injury did not occur at work or your paperwork was delayed. Many people do not know about the appeal process or do not pursue it. Of those who do pursue the appeals process, those with attorneys receive significantly higher settlement offers and better medical treatment approvals.

Treatment Challenges

Insurance companies typically require that you see their doctors. These doctors may not pursue the best treatment available, but the least expensive, and if they do suggest costly treatments, the insurance company may still refuse to pay or delay paying them. The insurance company must approve any medical treatments you receive related to your injury, but your lawyer can pressure these companies to accelerate the approval process or approve previously denied processes.

Insufficient Settlement

Some insurance companies will offer settlements if they foresee costly medical care in the future. However, these settlements are often insufficient and may not pay for long-term care and lost wages. Judges must sign off on all settlements, but unless they are significantly unfair, they will be approved. You may need someone to fight for you in this case.

Don’t let the workers’ compensation insurance company take advantage of you. Get what you deserve by hiring an experienced attorney.