Accidents in workplaces are common. Injuries sustained in workplace accidents can leave one severely injured or lead to loss of livelihood. The Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act was enacted to help such workers and their families financially. Workers’ compensation insurance is a part of Workmanship Comp under which the employers are protected by their insurance company. Since there are numerous loopholes in this act, dealing with the compensation claim process is often exhausting. A personal injury lawyer Virginia Beach VA who specializes in workers’ compensation, is often approached by workers who want to file a lawsuit against their employers.

How does workers’ compensation help injured workers?

Through workers’ compensation, an injured employee is entitled to compensation for loss of wages due to the injuries, medical expenses, permanent disability or impairment due to injuries, loss of ability to earn money, and the cost incurred in learning new work and life skills.

Virginia’s workers’ compensation law is complex and requires professional expertise. With an experienced lawyer by your side, you can be assured of a fair settlement for your damages and injuries.

When should you hire a workers’ compensation lawyer?

Insurance companies always care about their own interest and want to settle the case for a lesser amount. The insurance adjuster assigned to your case may sympathize with you, but they will always look out for their company’s interest. On the other hand, a workers’ compensation lawyer keeps the claimants’ interest in mind while fighting their case. They represent the rights and interests of the injured workers and work towards getting them fair compensation.

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Here are specific scenarios when you should contact your injury lawyer Virginia.

You can’t continue working due to your injuries: People working in an accident-prone environment are more likely to sustain severe injuries due to accidents. If your injuries are preventing you from continuing your work, you must seek compensation. Claims for damages that cause permanent disabilities are costly to settle. Insurance companies are wary of such cases. Many insurance companies devise tactics to avoid bearing the liability of lifelong financial support to such claimants. Hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer is the way to safeguard your interest and fight against such insurance companies.

Your employer denies compensating for the injuries: There are instances when the employers and their insurance company reject the compensation claims. Most employers presume that the employee won’t file a lawsuit. Unfortunately, this is the reality in the majority of the cases. Only a few workers get what they are entitled to. In other cases, even if the employer accepts the claim, they don’t offer a timely settlement. Injury lawyer in Virginia Beach work with such individuals who have been denied fair compensation for their damages.

The settlement amount is insufficient to cover medical bills and wage loss: Various factors come into play when assessing the settlement amount for work-related injuries. If you are uncertain about the settlement amount the insurance company is offering you, you should rely on the expertise of a personal injury lawyer in VA.

Issues regarding Social Security disability benefits: If your injuries render you disable and you are entitled to Social Security disability benefits, you must seek help from a lawyer. Workers’ compensation lawyers are experienced at structuring the settlement amount so that you receive maximum benefit.