Driving Record Background

As an employer, it is your job to ensure the safety of your employees as well as others who may come into contact with them. If you are hiring employees who will be driving for your company, whether they are moving people or supplies, you may be wondering about the necessity of a driving record background check. This is what you should know about these types of background checks.

What Are They?

A motor vehicle record check is a review of an individual’s driving record. You may run these checks before hiring employees if their jobs involve driving a company vehicle or driving for a company purpose, such as delivering goods in a personal vehicle. These background checks will show your applicants’ license class, restrictions, suspensions, endorsements, traffic tickets and violations, and criminal convictions that involved them driving a vehicle. The individual’s current standing is also disclosed. Also, although DUIs are criminal convictions, they may only show up on a driving record check, not a criminal record check.

What Positions Require Checks?

Only jobs that involve employees operating motor vehicles, including heavy machinery, need to pursue these checks. Therefore, delivery or ambulance drivers, bus drivers, truckers, and construction industry professionals should be checked. You may even review records for volunteers who operate a vehicle as part of their volunteer work. The gig economy has expanded driving opportunities for many individuals. These companies may hire people to pick up and transport groceries, restaurant food, people, and other goods. However, before these companies approve applications for drivers, they should pull their prospects driving records.

How Will They Help You?

Checking driving records allows you to hire the best, safest drivers. You can ensure that your drivers will adhere to your safety protocols and minimize the risk of accidents or injuries. Your company will be known for its safe drivers, building community trust. You provide a safe environment for not only your employees but your customers as well. Your company assets, including your vehicles, are protected from damage. Finally, you will avoid personal injury lawsuits by doing your due diligence and hiring the safest drivers available.

Don’t put your company, employees, and customers at risk, check your applicants’ driving records.