If you are pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence, there are a few things you should know.

Legal Counsel

First and foremost, calling a dui attorney fairfax va could help you put together the best defense for your case. An attorney would have the most knowledge about how to proceed to get you the most favorable outcome. You can hire an attorney or have one appointed for you.

Refuse questions

People who are pulled over feel nervous and will likely be prone to say something that incriminates them. Know that while you must provide your name, license, registration and insurance when requested, you do not have to answer questions like if you’ve been drinking or how much. But never lie, as that can and probably will be used against you in court.

Refuse testing

You are also within your rights to refuse to participate in a field sobriety test, though that could mean your driver’s license may be suspended. You can also refuse to blow into a hand-held breathalyzer, which are known to be unreliable. While refusing the breathalyzer can automatically suspend your license, it would not be the same as going to jail.


In Custody

However, if you are taken into custody, you must take a chemical test at the police station. While you can choose between a breath test or a blood test in most states, note that many DUI attorneys advise taking the breath test they are more unreliable than the blood test. Refusing to submit to testing at the station could be seen as resisting arrest, so you want to cooperate at that point.

If you see those blue lights flashing behind you, don’t panic. Remain calm and be polite. Acting cordial instead of becoming belligerent or hostile will help you. Avoiding any sudden, rash movements can also help keep the situation from escalating. Don’t despair if you’re caught drunk driving, and remember these tips.