Maritime law provides seamen, passengers, and ship owners with regulations when doing business or traveling by sea. People who find themselves in a dispute regarding any body of water should seek legal counsel by hiring a maritime lawyer.

Who Might Need a Maritime Lawyer?

Numerous situations facilitate the hiring of a maritime attorney. Boat owners involved in a crash that causes injuries to someone else to need to consult with a maritime lawyer. Victims of such an incident are also advised to contact such legal professionals to secure a claim.

Other maritime law cases are listed below.

  • Cruise passengers
  • Yacht passengers
  • Oil rig workers
  • Ferry passengers
  • Commercial fishermen
  • Commercial ship crew members
  • Recreational boaters
  • Merchant marines

Maritime law concerns those who work near or on water and ship or boat passengers and guests.

Common Types of Maritime Injuries Among Employees

  • Slip and falls: If a boat’s stairs, deck, or crew are wet, a fall and slip injury may result.
  • Collisions and bumps: An employee can get injured by almost anything while on a boat. Injuries reported result from ignoring safety precautions with cranes, carts, machines onboard the vessel, and improperly secured cargo.
  • Heavy lifting: Injuries may be due to lifting heavy objects incorrectly. The boat’s deck may tilt unexpectedly due to strong waves, causing workers to lose control, and the object falls on them.
  • Sickness: Maritime companies that do not follow sanitation guidelines may cause crew members to get sick, resulting in complications and serious injuries.

Maritime Lawyer

What Are Some Best Practices After A Maritime Injury?

People who are injured while on the sea follow the highlighted tips.

Report the injury to the supervisor, the captain, or the vessel owner. Sometimes victims may fail to recognize injuries, and they are advised to report symptoms once they begin experiencing them.

Obtain medical treatment. Seek a doctor to discuss the symptoms and their relationship to the workplace injury. Since a person’s health is always the first priority, the doctor’s instructions should be followed to the letter. Victims are advised to be respectful and kind to doctors and staff and should observe a routine follow-up of the appointments instructed by the doctor.

Victims may be requested to fill out an incident report addressed to the employer, vessel owner, or the United States Coast Guard. Be honest and thorough when filling in the information regarding what caused the injury. Do not downplay the contributing factors, and always request a copy of anything that goes into the report.

A victim may be asked to sign documents that they do not understand. If this happens, a lawyer comes in handy to provide advice to clients. Injured workers have to be suspicious of all documents labeled Settlement or Release. Never speak with an insurance adjuster before consulting a maritime lawyer and minimize written statements or a recorded review.

Impressive Benefits of Hiring a Maritime Lawyer

Consider hiring a maritime lawyer who has tons of experience to defend clients’ rights. Hiring the right attorney is essential as it makes a difference in the outcome of a case.

Below are the benefits of hiring a maritime lawyer.

They Will Fight for Compensation

Regardless of the legal situation, an experienced attorney fights to secure the compensation deserved by clients. A seasoned maritime lawyer assists victims by building a case to secure maximum compensation. A lawyer values the case to enable clients to receive the required amount. An attorney ensures the future stability of clients is protected to minimize future financial burdens due to an accident.

Clarification And Communication

An experienced maritime lawyer has good communication skills. Such professionals have to break down the complicated legal jargon into easy-to-understand basics for clients to understand. Regardless of the weight of a caseload, the attorney should cultivate patience to ensure the victims fully understand the legal procedures. Look for this quality when hiring a maritime lawyer to facilitate the success of a legal claim.

Consider hiring a maritime lawyer to navigate through the complications of a case. Seek the services of a seasoned maritime attorney to secure the maximum amount of compensation.