A total of 31.856 people were arrested in Michigan last year for drunk driving. Some of these cases resulted in accidents where damage was done or people got injured. A worst-case scenario happened for 187 people who died. That’s precisely one person dying because of people drinking and driving every second day. Check out this link if you want to know more stats about it.

This is why the law is so strict about every DUI case. The worst punishment for getting caught driving intoxicated is jail. If you’re one of those people that decide to sit behind the wheel and drive after you’ve been drinking, then you must have a lawyer on speed dial in case you get stopped by the police or you get into an accident.

A DUI lawyer will give you advice

You should know that you don’t even need to be guilty of doing anything wrong. Someone else might drive recklessly and you can get hurt from it. When the officers come and see that you’re drunk, you’ll get charged anyway.

That’s why it’s best to make an agreement with an attorney before anything happens. This person can give you some excellent advice about how to behave if anything like this happens. The lawyer can’t be at the scene the very same moment as the accident occurs so you’ll need to know how to react in order to come out clean.

For example, did you know that if you get stopped even for routine control, you shouldn’t say anything without the presence of your attorney? Of course, unless you’re sober and you did nothing wrong. They can also inform you about your rights and obligations. Many people are unaware of these.

Did you know that a police officer is not allowed to search through your car unless you give them permission to do this? Did you also know that it’s your obligation to hand over your personal documents, like the driver’s license, ID, and health insurance, but you are not obligated to step out of the car unless you’re being arrested?

These things can be a true lifesaver in situations when you’re drunk and you’re not sure what is good for you and what’s bad. A police officer will always try to incriminate you if they see that you’ve been drinking. It’s your job to not let them do this. If they get out a confession from you, the legal representative in the court of law will have their hands tied and won’t be able to do anything in getting a lower sentence.

Sometimes, this sentence can mean jail. That is really serious because not only you’ll spend time in an institution that’s full of criminals, but you’ll probably lose your job and even have a hard time getting another one with your criminal record.


How will they represent you?

A good DUI attorney can make you only lose your license for a period of time and get you charged for a small act. Of course, if they have the chance and if you behave properly. If the situation is more complex, they’ll fight to get you a lower fee than you’ll be obligated to pay. The worst-case scenario is being imprisoned and that’s something you definitely don’t want.

If you are drinking and driving and you get caught, it’s best if you say and do nothing and let the police take you to the station. This way, your lawyer will a lot of options and cards to play with. Also, refusing to do the test on the spot and doing it later in the station gives you a window of opportunity to have the alcohol in your blood drop significantly.

As time passes, the alcohol evaporates and leaves the system. The Michigan law says that drivers can’t exceed .08 BAC. This is a high number and chances are big that you’ll be over the line once you get stopped but be below the limit when you take the test at the station.

Having this ace in the pocket, your attorney can ask from the officers to let you go and only get on with the procedure for refusing to do the test. The punishment for this is way smaller than being caught drunk behind the wheel.

How to choose the best?

There are a lot of Michigans DUI lawyers that can do great work for you. However, you should pick the best one among them. To do this you must look up in the modern phone book called – the internet.

There’s everything for everyone online. Check out their track record and see if they did well before. Those with a great track record are the better ones. Also, see previous clients’ reviews about some of them. If people are not satisfied with how fast they got on the scene or how aggressive they were in defending their case, skip and move on to the next person.

Another thing is the experience. It’s always better to be represented by an experienced person who knows what they are doing and already handled all kinds of different situations. With experience, comes the price. Usually, the ones with the highest track record and more experience are the most expensive. Still, if you can afford them, don’t hesitate to hire because spending money is always better than going to jail.


If you think about it after everything you read here, a good drunk driving lawyer can save your life. Who knows what might happen once you get in jail. Those places are full of criminals who will extort you, try to beat you, and even kill you. Of course, this is an extreme situation, but life is full surprises, right?

What’s more likely to happen is a good attorney will save you money will probably lower your sentence. This is pretty much enough considering the circumstances.