Divorce is an issue that social scientists and scholars have dedicated their studies to understanding. Each professional approached the topic uniquely; some focused on the likely measures for disagreements while others asked divorced couples personalized questions. According to the CDC, there are around 827,000 divorces yearly. One practical reason most marriages do not last is communication issues. This article focuses on dissecting marital problems that might lead to divorce and how you can navigate through the process.


According to numerous responses from divorced couples, adultery is among the most common reasons for divorce. It involves having sexual relationships outside your relationship, which means you are not committed to the relationship. Committing to the relationship is the foundation of every marriage, and failure is expected wherever it is lacking.

You will need to prove that your partner was unfaithful in court for a divorce. One way to prove adultery is by providing direct evidence that implicates your partner. The proof can either be a witness or any visual and audio pictures confirming your allegations. Circumstantial evidence can also prove effective invalidating your infidelity claims.


Money is not an issue in most marriages. However, to some degree, your financial situation might be the main reason why your marriage did not work, especially if your relationship is materialistic. Money is the most significant cause of divorce and can result from having different spending habits and financial goals. A money disagreement may also arise when one of you earns a lot more than the other and feels overwhelmed by the financial responsibilities of the house.

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Communication Problems

Communication has a significant effect on almost everything, including your marriage. You must develop a working communication channel and routine with your partner to ensure you understand each other’s needs better. A communicating relationship means you can sit down, have a mature discussion, and figure out the best move.

Communication breakdowns are the leading cause of adultery. What may start as a harmless friendship may soon develop into a physical affair once they feel detached from their respective partners. A marriage with communication issues also features a lack of intimacy, making one search for it outside the marital boundaries.

Growing Apart

Sometimes, two individuals who were once in love might grow apart and fall out of love. Divorce is imminent once you outgrow each other since you no longer share the same visions and life goals. You can also realize that the two of you are incompatible after spending significant time apart. Soldiers drafted to war and pilots fixed on long flight schedules are most likely to experience this in their love life. Having a military divorce attorney might prove helpful in handling your divorce proceedings and streamlining the process.


Substance abuse is also a common reason for divorce in most marriages. There are many reasons why your partner might have an addiction, but the drug effects lead to marriage breakdowns. Your spouse may display irritating behaviors when under the influence, and some even turn violent to their family. Common substance abuse effects include:

  • Secretive behavior
  • Paranoia
  • Change in sleep, hygiene, and appetite
  • Abandoning old friends

Family Responsibility Conflicts

Another reason most marriages end in divorce is fighting over family responsibilities. Couples can argue about how to raise their child, household obligations, and other shared responsibilities. Women most commonly cite these disputes in divorce cases rather than men, which is vital to remember.

Unfortunately, most marriages do not withstand the test of time. This article explains the reasons for divorce and knowing them can help you navigate the divorce process easily. It is essential to understand that every marriage is unique, and you should make an effort to repair your relationship before giving up on each other.