Bail bond companies exist to provide a service to those individuals who do not have adequate funds to cover their bail or the bail of a loved one. Bond companies act as a lender between the defendant and the court, lending the arrested parties the funds necessary for their temporary release and making an agreement with the courts that the defendant will show for court proceedings, but how does this process work and what assurances do the bond company have to ensure compliance?


Bail Bond Process

The bail bond process is straightforward. An arrested individual or their family seek a bail bond company beaver county pa, they pay the bond office a portion of the full bail amount and the bond service pays or promises to pay the rest to the court if the defendant does not appear. To secure the bond, however, the service requires collateral from the accused, their family and friends to cover the costs of the bond.


When clients pay the initial percentage of the bail amount to the bail bond company, they are paying a fee for the bond service. Therefore, families cannot recoup this money even when their loved one appears in court.

Penalties for Skipping Court

If the accused does not appear in court on their scheduled court date, then that individual gives up the collateral used to secure the bond. Therefore, if a family member put up their house, or a friend put up their business, then the bond company will take ownership to cover the costs of the full bail amount.

Bail is a privilege, and bond companies try to ensure that all people have access to that opportunity. However, seeking a bond for someone else is risky, especially if that someone is a flight risk. Therefore, reach out to a local bail bond company and discuss your options and potential risks.