If you’ve ever had a slip and fall accident, you know how frustrating and scary it can be. Unfortunately, many people make common mistakes following a fall that further complicate their recovery and settlement. Here are the top seven mistakes to avoid after a slip and fall accident.

1. Not Collecting Evidence of the Accident

It is crucial to retain all evidence of your slip and fall injury. You should always take photos of the scene, seek medical attention as soon as possible, and talk to witnesses. For slips and falls that occur at a business, you should take photos of the slip hazard, your injuries, and your medical treatment. Additionally, you should keep track of all bills related to the slip and fall accident. This will be crucial proof later on in case you end up filing a slip and fall injury lawsuit against the property owner.

2. Failure to Report to the Manager

In most slip and fall cases, the property owner may not know that someone fell on their property. In many slip and fall cases at businesses, the slip hazard isn’t addressed until someone is injured. It is important to report your slip and fall accident to the manager or owner of the property to handle it properly. If slips and falls at a business are not reported to management, they could continue to occur at the property.

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3. Failing to Hire a Consultant

It is usual for slip and fall accident victims to hire medical professionals to look after their slip and fall injuries. They should also speak with personal injury attorneys. A slip and fall injury lawyer is an expert who can help build a case against the property owner to maximize your injury settlement. In addition, slip and fall consultants help identify hazards and can help prevent accidents and injuries at other properties.

4. Not Asking for Compensation for Lost Wages

If a slip and fall cause the accident victim to miss work, they should ask for compensation for their lost wages. A slip and fall accident can lead to time away from work, which means victims are not earning the money they should. A personal injury lawyer can help you get compensation for all the money you lose from work while recovering if you provide accurate records of the total amount.

5. Skipping Doctor’s Appointments or Physical Therapy Sessions

Slip and fall accident victims need to follow all the doctor’s instructions after their injury. This means not missing any treatments or therapy sessions, which helps them recover faster. If a slip and fall injury is not treated correctly, it can develop into a long-term problem.

6. Accepting Settlement Without Consulting a Personal Injury Lawyer

Many slip and fall accident victims make the mistake of accepting settlements without consulting a slip and fall injury lawyer. The insurance company may take advantage of your lack of knowledge in such cases and offer you a lower compensation than you deserve.

7. Failing to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Slip and fall accident victims should not accept the insurance company’s initial settlement offer. If an injury victim fails to file a slip and fall injury lawsuit against the property owner in time, they may be unable to collect compensation. It is in an accident victim’s best interest to file a slip and fall injury lawsuit as quickly as possible.

Following slip and fall accidents, victims should avoid making the above mistakes to prevent complications during the legal procedures. They should always consult a slip and fall injury lawyer before making their next move.