One of the things that most people across the world will get to do at least once in their lifetime is to rent a house. Even for those that we’re lucky to have or inherit a house early enough, going to school or temporarily relocating to another city could require one to rent a house that they will stay in during their sojourn in that city. If you have a house and you are yet to get an insurance policy for it, then you are putting yourself at a very huge risk. Hence, you should immediately get to read landlord insurance multiple properties to know what type of home insurance policy to get for your house and from which insurance company. You should ensure you legally rent a house to avoid issues with the authority or with fraud real estate agents. When you want to rent a house legally, here are some tips that you should follow.


Read reviews

You should read reviews about the real estate agent you want to rent the house from on a platform like BritainReviews. Reading reviews will go a long way to help you avoid issues where you will lose your money or the rest of your mind to renting a house. Some people have rented a house from fraudulent people or agents in the past. The implication is that they either had to face off with several other people the same property was rented to or the real owner of the property later showed up. When it is proven that the rent was from a fraudulent real estate agent, they will be forced to move out of the house. They might not be able to locate the fraudulent real estate agent and even if they were able to, it will become a messy case while the tenant could be homeless and losing more money.

You can easily avoid this type of situation by reading reviews. What best way to know the company to rent a house from than when you see that several other people have attested to renting a house from the company and it was a smooth experience.

Sign an agreement

Never rent a house from a real estate agent without signing an agreement. The agreement will serve as proof that you had a deal with the real estate agent. Furthermore, the agreement should not just be signed by just you and the real estate agent but by 2 witnesses. One of the witnesses will be signing as a witness to the real estate agent or landlord while the other will be signing as a witness to the tenant. A lawyer should also be involved in the process to make it legal. With this type of agreement, it will be easier to trace a real estate agent as the witness of the landlord could be picked up if the real estate agent is not found. The witness would know how to find the real estate agent since he won’t want to suffer the punishment in the stead of the real estate agent.

Use real estate agencies with offices

Be sure to know the office of the real estate agent and be sure that the office has been operating for some time. You should also be sure that the real estate agent is a staff and that the agreement is with the company as opposed to with the agent. This will help you to escape impersonators who could disappear after the agreement. Make sure to confirm from the company that the agent is a staff before having any official dealings with him or her.