Notary Publics are appointed by their states to witness document signings. These individuals must perform their duties with integrity to prevent fraud and they must adhere to specific rules. Because many businesses seek the convenience of an in-house Notary, you may be researching how to become or renew as a Notary. Before making the decision to pursue a Notary appointment, consider the following tips.

Be Impartial

You may be pressured by your peers or employers to bend the rules of your Notary position, such as allowing a signature without seeing proper identification. However, you must stand firm in your requirements. When others make a Notary appointment with you, be sure to remind them to bring their identification. Then, stand firm. This may be challenging when you are facing down your boss, but you will be held responsible for breaking the rules, not your boss. You may consider keeping informative pamphlets or fliers handy for Notary refusal questions.

Get Training

Your coworkers and employers may not understand all of the guidelines you must follow as a Notary. Therefore, you may sometimes act as a teacher, informing them of these rules. This means that you must seek training on Notary issues. Some states provide thorough training, while others do not. Therefore, you may be responsible for pursuing further training to ensure you know all the Notary rules, including if a Notary request is necessary and what hours Notaries can perform their Notary duties.

Your Tools Are Your Responsibility

Although your employer may pay for your Notary tools, they are your responsibility and cannot be used by others in your office. If your seal is used fraudulently, you may be held personally liable for its use. Also, do not allow others to have custody or store your tools.

Notaries have important jobs. You will be responsible for preventing fraud. Carefully consider your liability prior to becoming a Notary.