If there’s one phone call most people never want to take, it’s the one in which a friend says, “I’m in jail, can you post bail?” Let’s face it, doing any amount of time in jail is not a pleasant thought, but if someone has committed a crime, the reality is that they will have to face the music, one way or another. When a person is suspected of a crime and the police have enough evidence to arrest them, they will be picked up and taken to a police station and booked for the crime. After that, they will have to wait in jail until hopefully a friend or relative can get the money needed to post bail. The bail amount will be set by the court in accordance with the severity of the crime committed and the chance that the accused might try to leave town and avoid their court date. In some cases, no bail will be set, which will mean the accused has to stay in jail until their court appearance. If bail is set, however, the defendant will be able to go home and prepare for their court date. Getting Bail What happens if the person arrested doesn’t have enough money on hand to post bail? The money can be borrowed, with interest, from Luzerne County bail bonds or from another bail bonds company in the area. Once the case is ultimately resolved, the bail money will be returned to the person who posted it, and they can use that to repay the bail bonds company. Yes, this whole system is a bit complex, but it’s in place to at least allow a defendant a chance to be free before they appear in court. Yes, getting arrested is a very stressful experience, but having the chance to be free while preparing a defense strategy is certainly a big advantage and one that should be taken advantage of.