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Particular damages are those losses which are simple to quantify. They include the prices of medical remedy, any lost income as a result of time missed at work, property damage brought on by the accident, and different out-of-pocket losses.

So, how do you set a dollar worth on these sorts of losses? That is the place the multiplier comes in. To get a dollar determine which may represent the value of the overall damages, an insurance adjuster will add up all the “particular” medical damages (remember those are your quantifiable losses) and multiply that whole by a number between 1.5 and 5 (that’s the multiplier).

If your worker will get harm on the job, be sure they obtain medical therapy as soon as doable. When you’re undecided where to send them, we may also help you find a clinic or medical supplier It is vital that you just report the work-associated harm or illness to Zenith as quickly as you already know about it. From there, you do not have to figure out what to do. Zenith’s dedicated workforce will assist you to by way of each side of the claim and maintain you totally informed.

You also have a proper to sue. The listing goes on.

Figuring out how much pain and suffering compensation to ask for is a key problem in your case. Use our calculator to determine a reasonable settlement cost for a car accident, slip and fall, or different type of private damage case.

Right here or among the most typical varieties of personal injury claims for mind and spinal cord accidents. As soon as we obtain the claim, we will additionally reply any questions you or your employee might have about workers’ compensation processes and advantages.

How much therapy will you need sooner or later?

Applying all these elements together will assist you create a reasonable worth in your claim. For instance, if your multiplier provides you a price of $18,000.00 and your per diem gives you a worth of $30,000.00, you may select a ballpark figure of $24,000.00. When you suffered a damaged bone, underwent surgery, and may have a permanent limp, it’s best to add some quantity to your valuation. Then again, if you happen to had a sprained wrist and the accident was partly your fault, you must subtract from that $24,000.00 figure.

A standard components employs a multiplier (explained in detail under) and your medical bills to give you an estimate of non-financial damages (money on your pain and struggling). This determine is added to your financial losses (medical bills, property damage, and misplaced income) to get to a dollar amount from which you can negotiate. This is what the calculator under can help you obtain.


You can’t win any damages in case you are found to be even 1% at fault. The firm’s attorneys are licensed to practice in Florida and Georgia. Rehabilitation, loss of wages from missed work, loss of private property, disruption of your daily life, stress and fear all weigh heavily on victims.