Divorce is an incredibly stressful and trying time for spouses and their families. While some spouses are able to agree and part ways somewhat amicably, other simply are not. Divorce can be especially high-conflict if one of the parties is abusive or has a personality disorder. If you are in a contested divorce Tampa with a high-conflict individual, here are three specialists you may want to consider.

Guardian Ad Litem

If you are not able to agree on parenting time with your spouse or if you have a complex, nuanced case that can’t easily be addressed in court, you may want to consider a Guardian Ad Litem. Guardian Ad Litems can spend more time diving into your case and parenting issues outside of court. They act on behalf of the child’s best interest. This can be very helpful in sifting through heavy issues.


Financial Expert

If one or both spouses have interests in businesses, properties and commercial real estate, you will want to consider involving a financial expert. Business and property valuations are necessary to determine the actual value of the marital assets, which is necessary for dividing assets fairly. One or both parties can perform valuations, and they are worth the upfront costs to determine the true, overall value.


Divorce is a traumatic experience for both spouses and children. Even the best divorces are trying. High-conflict, contested divorces can wreak havoc on all parties involved. Especially children. In addition, your divorce attorney is not your therapist. Save yourself the hourly rate and some peace of mind by seeing a licensed therapist, and consider one for the children, too.

When navigating the bumpy road of a contested divorce, it is sometimes necessary to create a team of professional support. Guardian Ad Litems, financial experts and therapists are just a few of the specialists that could prove beneficial. You will make it through, but it may be necessary to have help along the way.