The Smyrna Courthouse stands as a significant edifice with a storied past, situated in the heart of Smyrna, Delaware. Built in the mid-19th century, this courthouse has witnessed numerous legal proceedings and events that have shaped the local community. Our discussion encompasses the building’s historical context, architectural design, and its role in the administration of justice.

We examine the courthouse’s contributions to Smyrna’s growth over the years. As a central fixture in the town, the courthouse has served not only as a venue for legal affairs but also as a gathering place for community events. Its long-standing presence has made it a symbol of stability and tradition in the area.

Our focus also includes the preservation efforts that have allowed the Smyrna Courthouse to maintain its historical integrity. These efforts ensure that future generations can appreciate the courthouse’s architectural beauty and the pivotal role it has played in local history. Through careful maintenance and community involvement, the courthouse remains a proud landmark in Smyrna.

Smyrna Municipal Court Overview

In our overview of the Smyrna Municipal Court, we focus on the essential functions it serves within Rutherford County, TN.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Smyrna Municipal Court, located within the Smyrna Justice Center on Enon Springs Road East, is a critical institution within the state of Tennessee’s judicial system. Our court exercises jurisdiction over various local ordinance violations, traffic offenses, and minor criminal matters. We actively uphold the law, ensuring justice is accessible to all citizens of the town.

Operational Hours

Our court operates on Eastern Standard Time (EST) and maintains precise operational hours to serve our community effectively. We are open:


Hours of Operation


8:00 AM – 4:30 PM


8:00 AM – 4:30 PM


8:00 AM – 4:30 PM


8:00 AM – 4:30 PM


8:00 AM – 4:30 PM





Court Services

Our municipal court services are designed to streamline the legal process for our citizens. We provide assistance in the filing of reports, court case lookups, and payment of fines, among other essential services. The staff is committed to offering prompt and courteous assistance, catering to various needs while adhering to legal standards.

Legal Proceedings and Services


We provide a comprehensive overview of the legal procedures and services available at the Smyrna Courthouse. From traffic violations to misdemeanor cases, our dedicated staff ensures the smooth operation of court sessions, the management of dockets, and the provision of various judicial services.

Traffic and Misdemeanor Cases

Traffic court handles cases related to moving violations such as speeding, red light camera tickets, and other traffic-related offenses. For misdemeanors, the judicial commissioner oversees the initial proceedings. Court dates are scheduled wherein defendants may contest citations using the Traffic Citation Contested Form.

  • Judges: The Smyrna Municipal Court Judge presides over traffic and misdemeanor cases.
  • Court Clerk’s Office: Maintains case dockets and offers customer service for queries.
  • Dress Code: A specific dress code is enforced in the courtroom.

Courtroom Expectations

In the courtroom, proper decorum is of the utmost importance. We provide guidance on behavior and attire, swiftly dealing with violations to maintain respect for the legal process.

  • Judge’s Expectations: The Chief Judge sets clear expectations for courtroom conduct.
  • Staff Directory: Available for assistance regarding procedural questions.
  • Court Sessions: Regularly scheduled, except on US Government holiday closings.

Payment and Citation Information

Court fines and fees are handled efficiently, with multiple payment options available for convenience.

  • Pay Tickets Online: For a streamlined process, tickets can often be paid via our online service.
  • Lobby Payment Window: An on-site option for handling fees.
  • Forms: Various forms can be picked up or submitted at the Town Court Clerk’s office.

Probation and Judicial Services

Probation services are managed by the Town of Smyrna Probation Department, with an emphasis on rehabilitation and adherence to judicial requirements.

  • Probation Request: Processed by court staff, requiring probation forms to be duly filled.
  • Judicial Services: Include traffic school enrollment and probation oversight.