When an accident happens either at work or after a road accident, you may wonder if you need to call your injury attorney. If you think of contacting an attorney, it’s obvious that the aftermath is worrying. So, if you feel it’s necessary, you can call your lawyer as soon as possible. Your lawyer will listen to what you think about the injury and advise accordingly.

Safety First

After an accident happens on the road, the first thing to do is check if you feel extreme pain in any of your body parts. Severe bleeding is also an indication that you are hurt. Mind about your health first. However, as you rush to the hospital, ensure to contact the authorities at the scene. You can ask a witness to take your pictures or take pictures of the incident yourself. Get to the nearest hospital as soon as possible for a physical evaluation report. Also, you can take personal information of the reckless driver before you leave the scene.

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Evaluate Your Injury

Sometimes you are involved in a minor accident at work that may result in a bruise dislocation. Talk to your doctor and see if it’s necessary to contact your lawyer. If it’s nothing serious, then you don’t need a lawyer. Take a little rest and medication to get better. However, you must record everything that happens with your doctor and file a police report. You may not need such information after getting better. However, if the minor issue worsens, contact your Denver personal injury attorney and present your documents for proper follow-up.

Call Your Injury Lawyer

You can call your injury attorney on your way to the hospital or after you regain consciousness. Give the lawyer crucial information about the accident and ask the doctor for a medical report on your condition. Such information is vital to the process of compensation. Your lawyer will also advise you on what to say and people you should not talk to. Some insurance personnel may try to manipulate your words about the occurrence of the incident to evade compensating you. If your car carries passengers, check the safety of each person as you make the necessary calls.

Proceed With the Claim

After your lawyer has confirmed that you need to be compensated for severe injury, the process begins. It may take longer, especially if you are badly wounded, because you have to show substantial recovery before any compensation is made. However, factors such as proof of loss of income can help speed the process. Your sole responsibility is to ensure you get better and let your attorney handle everything at this stage.

If you need to call a personal attorney, ensure you do it soon. Let the lawyer give you advice on what to do. Remember that not all accidents can result in severe damage. You can handle minor injuries without a lawyer. Also, ensure you have medical documents that prove that the injury was a result of the accident. The insurance company may use ill words and fail to compensate you. You need to avoid speaking to any representative from the insurance company.