The classic understanding of personal injury lawyers is that they use old school trial and negotiation tactics to get the job done. Most people have seen the commercials where these lawyers scream at the television about the results they can get. While this is still true of many lawyers, there are some who are taking their practices to the next level. For those in need of a personal injury lawyer Boston MA has some of the best in the country. Those lawyers are learning that technology is critical in getting a good result.

How do these lawyers use technology to get good results? It all starts in evaluating the potential recovery for their clients. One cannot know whether to accept a settlement offer or not unless one knows the likelihood of winning the case and how much a plaintiff might recover if they happen to win. Figuring this out can be difficult, with many lawyers relying on their experience to ballpark a figure. The best lawyers, however, have figured out that using algorithms is the right move for getting a more exact calculation. These lawyers have learned to use open source data and other tools to give their clients a more accurate picture of just what they can expect to recover moving forward.

Not every personal injury case goes to trial. For those cases that do head to trial, many lawyers will use technology to help persuade the jury. This might mean using video technology to ensure that jurors know precisely what happened. Many lawyers who try car accident cases use video to re-create the accident, showing that one driver slammed into the other. The use of these tools can be compelling to jurors who are more likely to be moved by images than by simple arguments by the lawyers involved.

At the end of the day, the best lawyers know that they must evolve if they want to stay competitive. In the world of personal injury, today’s best attorneys are using every tool at their disposal to get results. Clients are finding lawyers who are more tech-savvy to handle their claims.