At one time or another, you’ll likely be involved in some sort of property transaction. On such occasions, experienced and knowledgeable property lawyers could prove valuable. That said, there are a number of questions you should ask before you hire a professional in this field.

When Might You Need the Services of a Property Lawyer?

Property lawyers, sometimes also referred to as real estate attorneys represent clients in matters pertaining to property transactions such as purchasing or selling. These professionals can be very helpful for complicated or complex cases such as:

  • The sale or purchase of properties possessing liens or in foreclosure
  • Sales or purchases involving commercial or industrial real estate
  • Sales or purchases of estates
  • Transactions involving several parties
  • Property being sold following a divorce or separation
  • Purchases or sales of inherited properties

If you need assistance from property law, here are some important questions to ask before you make a decision.

Have You Handled Cases Similar to Mine?

Every real estate transaction can have its own set of complications and complexities. Before retaining any real estate attorney’s services, you should find out if the professional has experience and a solid track record handling cases that are similar to your own.

How Many experiences Do You Have?

Aside from possessing experience handling similar cases, you might also wish to choose a professional with many years of experience overall. Property lawyers who have been in the industry for many years likely have knowledge and expertise to make the process run smoother and quicker.

Do You Have a Track Record of Success?

You might wish to investigate a prospective lawyer’s track record. They should be able to demonstrate successes in cases similar to yours or produce a list of references who can attest to their abilities.

Do You Have an Honest and Established Fee Schedule?

Property lawyers are highly trained professionals, which is why you shouldn’t be surprised to discover that their fees can be significant. That said, a reputable lawyer will clearly explain their fee policy in its entirety before committing to your case. Included in the policy should be the lawyer’s hourly rate, how often you’ll be billed, and the specific services you’ll be charged for. Because legal fees can be expensive, some lawyers might agree to special payment arrangements for clients with limited financial resources.

Who Else Will Be Working On the Case?

In larger firms, certain responsibilities surrounding your case might be delegated to other individuals such as less experienced lawyers, paralegals, and legal assistants. In such instances, you should ask how much experience these professionals have working on cases similar to yours. Moreover, you need to decide if you’re comfortable allowing other people to access your personal or financial information.

How Responsive Are You?

Naturally, you want your lawyer to be busy. Being busy often means that a lawyer is good at their job and in high demand. That said, you also want to know that your lawyer will respond to any of your questions or concerns in a timely manner.