Truck accident lawyers in Michigan are incredibly efficient when it comes to winning claims for their clients and with over $1billion won, they are undoubtedly the best place to go if you have been involved in this kind of accident. These accidents are thankfully in the minority when it comes to other vehicle accidents, but they are often the most severe. Owing to this these are also very complex cases and that is why these lawyer’s results are even more impressive. Here is why this Michigan-based law firm is delivering such positive results for clients.

Selective Cases

Not every jury sustained in a truck accident is the fault of the truck driver or company, which means that there really is no claim to be made. If the accident is caused as a result of the passenger car driver, then they will not be able to claim anything. If, however, the accident is considered as a split liability, which is a shared fault, then they may be able to claim. These legal teams will only take on cases that have a chance of winning, and where there is a claim to be made.

Evidence Experts 

In order to win a settlement either in court or out of court, it is essential that the legal teams are able to compile a strong case that is supported by a wealth of evidence. This again is what makes these teams so good, because they are very efficient when it comes to putting together all of the necessary evidence for this kind of case. The stronger that the case is from the outset, the more likely the lawyers are at being able to get a high offer from the insurers, meaning that they won’t have to go to trial.

Tough Negotiators

Insurance company lawyers are experts at what they do and there are some law firms who are able to steamroll when it comes to making a low offer that is accepted. Mike Morse’s law firm however is not one of those firms, and they are tough negotiators who understand exactly how much they should be looking for in compensation. Building a strong case and hard negotiating skills is why this firm has won so much money for its clients over the years.

Focusing on Strengths

This firm puts dedicated specialists on every case, and this is why they have such success. The who handle truck accident claims have been working on such cases for many years and they understand every aspect of the process perfectly. This is why they have such a high win rate and how they have been able to secure so much compensation for their clients.

If you should run into this kind of situation in Michigan, there is no doubt that you have the best chance with this particular law firm, when it comes to building a case to make a claim.