Is there life after bankruptcy? Yes! Approximately 750,000 Americans file for bankruptcy each year, and many of those people have gone on to rebuild their financial lives. Here’s how you can, too. 

Pay Your Bills 

Keeping a clean record following your bankruptcy Everett WA is essential. Future creditors may be scared away if they see the bankruptcy on your credit report and missing payments after you cleared your financial slate. Show creditors that you are responsible by paying bills on time. 

Find a Good Job

Always maintain a strong employment history following the bankruptcy. Doing so will help you pay your current bills regularly and let creditors know that you are financially trustworthy. 

Establish a Stable Housing History

Much like establishing a strong employment history, creditors want to see that you have a stable housing history. Many landlords will pull your credit report to see if you can manage your money and pay your bills on time. 

Keep a Balance on Accounts

Open checking and savings accounts and make sure to keep some money in the bank. If you have bank accounts you don’t use very much, do not close them – doing so will negatively affect your credit score. 

Get a Car Loan

When you’re ready to take on larger debt, consider getting a car loan. However, you may not qualify for one without the help of a co-signer. Talk to your parents, your partner, or a trusted friend about co-signing with you to help you build your credit. Anyone who signs the loan is liable for it, so be mindful that defaulting on the loan will hurt you and the other person. 

Do not let bankruptcy define your financial future. By following these steps, you can start rebuilding your credit and prove to lenders that you are a responsible consumer.