After the initial consultation with a divorce attorney, the client may find themselves filled with inner turmoil. Should he or she finally divorce, is it better to see a therapist, is the marriage based on a lie, are the children suffering, and is there anything left to save maybe some of the questions your client asks you during one of those initial meetings. If you feel like a therapist as you try to navigate the emotions your clients throw at you, you are not alone. Ask any divorce lawyer Orlando FL, and they will tell you that some clients require an unbelievable amount of support during their divorce. Here are two ways to handle the needy divorcing client.


Let your client know you are not a counselor if they begin calling too often to either vent, cry on your shoulder, or test out some false allegations he or she wants to make in the divorce. Be assertive if the behavior continues or relegate the phone calls to a trusted office member that can take a message and assure your client they will give you that message when you return to the office.


Keep your distance from your client, and don’t let him or her touch you in a way they may believe can help sway you into their way of thinking. A touch on the arm, a handheld a little too long or hugging while they cry as they have an emotional breakdown in your office can all lead to attorney-client problems. Keeping the relationship strictly professional, even if the client is an old friend, can keep future problems to a minimum.

A divorce can be an emotional roller coaster, and it can be easy to be drawn up into the strong emotions your client is experiencing. Remember to protect yourself by protecting your time and keeping your distance. Your client will thank you after the world of hurt has run its course, and the divorce proceedings are finalized.