The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) is a government organization that arrests immigrants. When the ICE arrests an immigrant, the agency either grants the defendant a ROR that allows them to be released on a written promise that they will show up in court or sets a bond price that must be paid for release.

If a bond price is set, then the person’s family or friends must pay the bond or hire professional assistance. Professionals will help you obtain an immigration bond to get your loved ones out of jail before they have to appear in court. If you are seeking an immigration bond Stroudsburg PA here are some things to consider.


How Bail Works

Bail is essentially an insurance agreement between the court and defendant; it is a set price that must be paid by the defendant to be released before their court date. Bail prices are normally high amounts that cannot be paid in cash; therefore, many seek the help of bail bondsman.

Immigration Bail Bonds

An immigration bond is a federal bond that can be used for immigrants that have been arrested by the ICE. When posted by a bondsman, your loved ones will be released on the basis that they will attend their court appearance. The defendant will normally be released the same day the bond is posted.

Cost of Immigration Bonds

When an immigrant is arrested, the ICE or judge sets a bond amount. This amount depends on a variety of factors; criminal history, family, and immigration status will affect the bail price. The variety of factors that determine the bond price leads to a relatively large range that the price could be. Immigration bonds can range anywhere from $1,000- $10,000 depending on the aforementioned conditions. After the defendant attends their court hearing the government returns the bond amount.

Using a Bonds Agent

Using a bonds agent enables families to post bail without losing their savings and putting themselves in financial risk. Bonds Agents will expedite the process of getting your loved ones home.