When you use the services of a law firm, chances are that you will want to leave feedback for them. Chances are that you might have read law firm consumer feedback when you were searching for a law firm and it contributed to guiding you to find the right company. Hence, you might also want to add your feedback to further guide someone else who is looking for a law firm in the future.

If you want to write feedback on law firm services, some of the ways you can achieve that are discussed subsequently.

By dropping reviews

There are many reviews platform including UK.collected.reviews that make it possible for people to leave reviews for companies they have patronized including law firms. This good thing about this type of platforms is that they are an independent platform. Hence, it is easy to trust the reviews on those platforms because it will be a bit difficult or almost impossible for the company to tamper with such reviews.

your review

Hence, when you drop a review on an independent platform, the company will have to prove beyond every reasonable doubt that your review is not true or get a court order to force the removal of the content. These 2 options are often more difficult than attending to you satisfactorily. Irrespective of if your experience with a company is positive or negative, you should endeavour to drop a review for the company.

By contacting the company

Another way you can drop feedback for a company is by contacting them. If you are particular about writing your feedback, you can use the form on their contact us page, send them an email or chat with them through their website. However, you also have the option of placing a call across to them. These options provide great opportunities to dialogue with the company about a problem or to enquire.

It can also be used to inform the company that you are happy with the service they have provided. If this is the case, it will be better for the company if you post a review about their quality of service and your satisfaction as opposed to just writing it to them. Some companies also collect reviews directly on their website even though it will be easy for them to delete your comment if it is negative.

Social media platforms

Most companies now maintain social media platforms and even paste the link to the platforms on their website. Hence, you can easily chat with a company on Facebook or send them a private message on Instagram or Twitter. You also have the option of posting the message where their followers on the social media platform will be able to see it.

Dropping feedbacks on their website

Some law firms make it possible to drop feedback on their website. Hence, if it is one you want them to see, they will surely see it and might act on it accordingly. However, if it is one you want others to see, it will depend on the type of review and the integrity of the law firm. This is considering they could easily ask their website designer to remove your feedback if it is negative or if they don’t like it.

The fact that even if they don’t remove it, it is easy for them to add more positive reviews that will overshadow your negative reviews without someone else filling it means that most people do not trust the positive reviews on the website of a law firm. This is why it is always best to drop feedback in the form of reviews on neutral reviews platforms.