When buying and selling real estate, it is a good idea to have an experienced attorney looking over the paperwork and process to make sure that it is all done correctly. Whether you are buying a multi-million-dollar commercial property or a middle-class private residence, real estate is a big investment that can backfire if papers are done wrong. A lawyer practicing real estate law can help you with sales, litigation and foreclosure, along with many other aspects of the process.


Twenty-three U.S. states require the presence of a lawyer during real estate transactions, but it can be a good idea to consult one in the other twenty-seven states as well to help review sales contracts before everything is signed. A real estate law firm Austin TX attorney can help you make sure that you know all the terms you are agreeing to, what is expected of you and that you are getting a good deal.


When a real estate deal does not work out, the only recourse may be taking it to court. A real estate attorney can help you with this litigation by representing you to the court, working with the opposing counsel to work out an agreement and filing any necessary appeals.


Foreclosure is never an easy thing for either the lender or the borrower, but having an attorney to help with the case can make the outcome more favorable. A lawyer can challenge a foreclosure for the borrower by finding mistakes on the part of the lender or by negotiating with the lender to stop to the process.

Hiring a real estate law firm to help with your property transactions can help you negotiate better sales agreements, handle any necessary litigation and navigate the foreclosure process. It is a good idea to see if your state requires the presence of an attorney before you start any real estate shopping, and consulting with a lawyer before signing paperwork can help you get a better outcome.