Defense Attorney

There are many things that people coming to America have to worry about. And if you were granted a temporary visa, you may be wondering what your options are just in case that visa runs out and you are facing removal from the country. But there is no reason to stress out and try to make things go your way alone. All you have to do is find an attorney for removal defense in San Jose. You may be wondering what can be done to help your situation. Here are some things that you can expect to have done for you by your removal defense attorney.

Ways Your Lawyer Can Help You in Immigration Court

The immigration laws in America seem to change all of the time. And they change depending on which political party moves into the White House. But your attorney will be current on all the laws. They will spend a fair amount of time looking into the records to see if your removal is warranted or not. But expect these things to be done on your behalf.

  • Your defense attorney will fight the charges brought against you. If a crime is involved, you can expect your attorney to look into whether or not the crime warrants removal or not. Either way, your lawyer will make sure that things are correct.
  • There are times when a person is a legal citizen, just mixed up with someone else. Your lawyer will take the time to verify that you are the person you claim to be. They will also prove to the court that you are a legal citizen. Such proof is proved from parents or grandparents living in the country in many cases.
  • If your case involves asylum, you can expect your lawyer to work hard to prove that the conditions you are fleeing from warrant an asylum being granted. Often, such a case will involve future persecution or harm if you return home.
  • Your lawyer can petition the court for a green card because you are related to a citizen of the United States, are a preference relative, or some other related matter.
  • They can also help you fill out the application for cancellation of removal. This can help you obtain a green card if you do not have a criminal past and have spent a lot of time within the United States.
  • Your attorney can also get the case dismissed if there is evidence to suggest it should be. Good behavior is always a good mark on any person’s record. And your attorney can use that as a way to prove that your removal should be dismissed.

There are many different things that you will think through if you are notified of a pending removal. A defense attorney can help represent you in court and help you get all the paperwork and evidence to be needed should you have to defend yourself. They speak the languages of the court, and it will only benefit you to hire a defense attorney today.