The most common is that you pay between 30 and 60 days after they give you the medical discharge. But you have to keep in mind that there are procedures that get complicated. Sometimes it is necessary to go to trial to collect your compensation.


If it is necessary to go to trial, the process may take around four or five more months. The recommendation is that you do not have too much hurry to collect your compensation or, at least, do not show it to the insurance company, because it is possible that by attending to your need to collect quickly offer you a downward offer, that is, that you offer a compensation inferior to the one that by law corresponds to you. To know how you will collect your compensation by accident, we must differentiate if the insurer wanted to reach an agreement in a prejudicial way or we have had to go to court to claim your rights. The Pittsburgh medical malpractice lawyers are perfect solutions there.

How I will collect my compensation for a traffic accident

Law 35/2015, of September 22, on the reform of the system for the assessment of the damages caused to people in traffic accidents, better known as the “Scale Law”, establishes the amounts of compensation for traffic accidents according to the situation in which we find ourselves.

  • It is about 500 pages in which those amounts are collected. As you can imagine, it is essential to have an expert lawyer in traffic accidents that can analyze those tables and establish, according to them, the maximum possible compensation.
  • In a claim for compensation for accidents, whether traffic or outrage, two scenarios can occur.
  • Both in the event that an amicable agreement is reached and in the case of going to trial, our fees will be 15% (plus VAT) of the amount obtained. In we will try to exhaust the friendly way, without having to reach a trial, but if this is not possible, we will accompany you until the end of the procedure.

In cases where it is necessary to have an expert report assessing the damage, the percentage would be 25%. For medical malpractice lawyer near me search, this is the best bit.

The importance of the expert report in the accident claim

In case of a judgment without costs, in addition, 199$ will be charged for the expenses incurred (attorney, administrative expenses, etc.)

In case your insurance has a free designation, you can recover part of our fees by presenting them to your company.

In the event of judgment with costs, in addition to 15%, the client transfers the credit of the same to the claimant.

Now that you know how much a claim for compensation for an accident with will cost you, we remind you that you do not have to advance any amount and that we only charge if you win.

Guide to start an accident claim

Get the maximum compensation for an accident that corresponds to you

In we study your case and, if it is viable, we will accompany you until the end so that you get the maximum compensation that corresponds to you by law. We carefully study the documentation that you provide us and calculate the compensation based on the applicable scale at that time. If you have suffered a traffic accident or a hit, protect your rights with expert accident lawyers.