We can all agree that federal crimes are more challenging, and problematic compared with state options. Therefore, you will get sentences based on Federal Sentencing Guidelines, which is an important consideration to remember.

As a result, if you face certain criminal charges in federal court, you need to understand how and when the sentencing guidelines apply, which is vital for creating a relevant defense.

The most important consideration to remember is that federal crimes come with higher sentences and penalties compared with state levels.

In nature, they are more severe, which means that the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) and the U.S. Department of Justice are using their resources for different cases that use harm to corporate entities, significant public damage, or federal government, among other places.

We can differentiate a wide array of federal criminal offenses. Therefore, numerous crimes annually become a part of national courts or districts.

They ensure that defendants get proper punishment by proper standards, judges have ethical guidelines created by USSC or the U.S. Sentencing Commission. By clicking here, you will learn more about the USSC.

Essential Facts to Remember

The manual mentioned above is more than six hundred pages long, which means that it is hard to follow, dense, and complex for people outside a legal system.

Therefore, we wanted to create an article that will outline the most critical aspects of understanding.

By having everything said in mind, you should understand how everything works for federal criminal prosecutions.

1.Base Offense

A crucial aspect includes base offense level, which is a starting point for any offense. Keep in mind that the guideline features forty-three different offense levels from low to more severe crimes depending on circumstances.

Keep in mind that white-collar offenses are a form of fraud, which means that they are mid-range.

2.Special Offense

As soon as a prosecutor determines a base offense level, the next step is to understand whether a particular crime comes with unique characteristics. Keep in mind that this specific aspect can alter an offense level in general.

For instance, if we use fraud, the amount of money used in the process can increase the base level. It means the more money used in fraud; the greater offense will be as a result.


When it comes to base offense levels, we can differentiate four zones labeled as the first four letters in the alphabet. Therefore, each zone will determine a confinement option for a particular situation, including:

  • A – Probation without confinement.
  • B – Probation as a substitute for confinement, imprisonment, or home detention
  • C – Imprisonment combined with probation
  • D – Only imprisonment

4.Various Count Adjustments

You should know that federal prosecutors will choose ways to multiple different counts based on federal crimes in numerous cases. Therefore, if you have a conviction on various counts, you will get a proper combined offense level.

It is a form of punishment for numerous offenses, which is something you should remember beforehand. The most severe crime is conviction, in which a defendant is convicted for base offense, and then other counts that are less serious, which can increase the overall sentence.

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How to Find Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer?


The first thing you should consider is to find someone with proper expertise when it comes to federal criminal law, which is an important consideration to remember. If you face criminal charges, the main goal is to find someone who has the proper experience.

You do not wish to get someone who has experience in civil litigations or state charges. Setting afoot in a federal courthouse is an entirely different approach than other options.

The paramount importance of hiring a lawyer with proper expertise is because you will have to undergo higher stakes. Generally, these charges can feature significant penalties, including financial and sentences such as forfeiture.

Simultaneously, the attorneys with this particular experience enjoy winning significant cases due to their prominent and competitive personalities.

Compared with state attorneys, they can afford significant resources and time for a single case. Besides, judges are expecting lawyers to prepare themselves, which means that delays won’t be tolerated as in other levels.

That is the main reason why you should find someone with good experience to represent you. We recommend you ask him/her a few questions that will help you determine the best course of action.

For instance, you can ask about several successful trials, sentencing hearings, and the last time he/she appeared in this particular form of court.

2.Choose Someone with Successful Results

Another important consideration is the honesty and openness of a particular defense attorney. The client has to be sincere and straightforward to achieve the best way of protection.

Since some decisions can mean life in prison or freedom, you should find someone with successful results.

Determine whether a particular attorney is making predictions and promises relevant or too good to be true. Being charged with a federal crime can be highly traumatic.

Therefore, you may choose someone that will promise you a perfect outcome, which is a natural decision that will reduce your anxiety.

However, a criminal defense lawyer should avoid making promises that a prosecution will drop a particular case. The main reason for that is because an attorney won’t be able to make such predictions.

On the other hand, a perfect lawyer can spend time reviewing evidence and investigating a case, which are the main factors for winning a trial. Keep in mind that an experienced and responsible attorney will not provide you with any guarantee of an outcome.

Reality states that it is challenging to predict a particular outcome, especially during a first meeting, without investigating a case and reviewing discovery.

Therefore, if a particular lawyer makes promises, you should know that they are too good to be true.

Besides, it would be best to avoid lawyers with a special relationship with prosecution because it is not a trustworthy and reasonable claim. Instead, you should find someone who will think about facts without other ideas and convictions.