Daytona Beach motorcycle riders have a beautiful area to ride in, with great weather and plenty of sunshine. However, the likelihood of accidents is high with so many motorcyclists on the road – especially during Bike Week. Not only are motorcycle accidents more likely here, but they are also often more serious due to the limited protection riders have when one occurs.

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, it’s recommended that you hire a to help with the situation. They can review the facts of the case and help you recover the compensation you are entitled to.

It’s also important to understand some of the types of injuries you may sustain when these accidents occur.

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs)

A TBI occurs when your head collides with another object or some type of significant force, such as another vehicle or the road. It can also occur if your skull is punctured. Your brain often slams into the side of your skull, which can cause swelling, bruising, and in extreme cases, bleeding. A serious TBI can be fatal if you don’t seek prompt medical attention.

Motorcyclists who don’t wear helmets are at a higher risk of experiencing a TBI after an accident. Brain injuries like this can result in disorientation, confusion, blackouts, and memory loss. More serious TBIs can impact a person’s life in more significant ways. For example, it may impact a person’s reasoning skills and speech and cause symptoms like dementia.

It’s estimated that around seven percent of motorcyclists who don’t wear a helmet will suffer serious head and face injuries during a crash. About 15% of those who don’t wear a helmet will be diagnosed with a TBI.

Road Rash

The term “road rash” refers to the way your skin looks and the damage that occurs when you slide on the pavement during an accident. Asphalt or concrete scrapes away the top part of the dermis. In extreme situations, it will go all the way down to the muscles below. While it is possible for road rash to occur anywhere on the body, the most common areas include the arms, back, and legs.

There’s no doubt that road rash is painful, but it can also cause serious complications. When a lot of skin is removed, it can lead to serious infections, and debris from the road may get embedded in your flesh. While some cases of road rash heal naturally, others require expensive and painful surgeries and skin grafts. Scarring is also likely with these types of injuries.

Bone Fractures and Broken Bones

Many motorcycle riders are flung from their bikes or even trapped under the vehicle that hit them in an accident. This type of trauma often leads to broken bones. They can be caused when you land on the road or another surface or due to being crushed by a vehicle. Broken ribs are extremely common in motorcycle accidents.

In some situations, surgery is required to set broken bones and fractures. If the break is more severe, you may require months (or longer) of physical therapy to regain your ability to walk and regain your full range of motion.

Protecting Your Right to a Full Recovery After a Motorcycle Accident

Contacting an attorney immediately is recommended if you are involved in a Daytona Beach motorcycle accident injury lawyer. They can gather evidence related to your case and the severity of your injuries to help you recover the maximum compensation possible.