If your driving record is less than stellar it can be worrisome to be in a car accident. If you are stressed that you may have negative consequences because your driving record is not so good, then hiring a personal injury attorney can certainly help. Here are the things you must know about the situation.

Being in a Car Accident

Being in a car accident can be downright scary and even give you driving ptsd. If you were driving and there were other passengers in your car you were responsible for, it can feel like a lot of guilt is encompassing you. But you know that a personal injury claim with your insurance service provider is in order if the car is damaged or you have sustained injuries. It is the first step towards getting the compensation you need to move forward.

Your Driving Record

No matter what the driving record is, if it can be proven that the other driver was at fault for the accident, then you will be able to claim a personal injury with the insurance service provider. It has legally no bearing on whether or not you are entitled to the compensation. The at-fault party should pay the compensation. However, the truth is that there are concerns to be worried about.

How Your Driving Record Can be Used Against You

Even if there is no legal bearing on its effect on your case, the truth is that your driving record can be used against you. Here is a bit of an explanation.

  1. Insurance Companies: It is an insurance company’s job to spend the amount of money as little as possible on compensation. As such, they are wired in a way to give as little money in compensation as possible. This also means that they will do anything to make sure that the compensation is less. If your driving record has some blemishes, you are not happy about, you can be sure that your insurance service provider is going to use it to give you a less amount of compensation.
  2. Getting Less Than You Deserve: Many times, victims of car accidents face a situation when their imperfect driving record may have them get settlement amounts they don’t deserve. It may be argued that since the particular person has already had blemishes in their driving history, chances are that they were partly responsible for the particular accident as well. This leads to the award of compensation that is less than what they deserve.

What You Can Do?

It can be pretty frustrating when you are injured in an accident but know you won’t get a high compensation to make sure you get well. What you can do is hire a great personal injury attorney who has experience in dealing with your predicament. This way you will have someone on your side who professionally understands what is to be done to get you the highest compensation for your case.