The system of bail started at least 1,000 years ago when the Anglo Saxons used a surety system to settle battles, arguments, and disagreements between the well-to-do elites of society. The accused person would ask a wealthy patron to back him with money to support the system, allowing the suspect to go free from any type of incarceration. If the accused did not show up to the appointed court meeting, the “surety” provider would pay all court fees and the fines imposed by the judicial or tribunal judge. Not much has changed in the legal system when it comes to bail. Here is what you should know if you get arrested.

1.  Do You Look Good in Orange?

After your arrest, you will be put into a jumpsuit or sweat suit allowed in that jurisdiction by the court. You will be booked, sometimes interrogated, and always photographed and fingerprinted. Sometimes you will be put into a cell, and other times you will end up in a containment area with others as you wait for the judge to see you.

2. Does the Judge Know Who You Are?

If this is the first time you have been arrested, the judge may take time to explain how the proceedings will go and what you are being charged with. If you hear the judge say, “Nice to see you again,” you may want to hide! The judge will set a bail amount, and you can contact the bail bonds Harrisburg PA company to arrange your release.

Once you are free from jail, don’t get arrested again, or you could end up staying inside a cell instead of being released on bail again. You will want to attend each and every appointment with the court as well, so you can get your bail amount back. Missing even one scheduled meeting can result in the forfeiture of the whole amount.