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Tips on Preparing to Divide Your Marital Assets

Every state in America offers some kind of no-fault regulations, although Michigan is a true no-fault state. That simply means the state doesn’t hear traditional blame situations during the divorce hearing. Approximately 80% of no-fault divorces go uncontested which expedites the process and encourages faster healing. However, many couples still postpone the inevitable due to worries and concerns over splitting assets during a divorce. Your Michigan divorce attorney can always help with this if or as problems arise, but it’s good to know some tips to help you do as much as possible on your own off the clock.

Try to Keep the Divorce Communication Open and Civil

Your divorce will involve heavy communication with your Michigan divorce attorney and your spouse. The more open and civil you can keep that communication, the better for all involved. Do not try to hide assets, accounts, or proof of income …

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What To Know in DUIs

If you are pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence, there are a few things you should know.

Legal Counsel

First and foremost, calling a dui attorney fairfax va could help you put together the best defense for your case. An attorney would have the most knowledge about how to proceed to get you the most favorable outcome. You can hire an attorney or have one appointed for you.

Refuse questions

People who are pulled over feel nervous and will likely be prone to say something that incriminates them. Know that while you must provide your name, license, registration and insurance when requested, you do not have to answer questions like if you’ve been drinking or how much. But never lie, as that can and probably will be used against you in court.

Refuse testing

You are also within your rights to refuse to participate in a field …

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Specialists to Involve in a Contested Divorce

Divorce is an incredibly stressful and trying time for spouses and their families. While some spouses are able to agree and part ways somewhat amicably, other simply are not. Divorce can be especially high-conflict if one of the parties is abusive or has a personality disorder. If you are in a contested divorce Tampa with a high-conflict individual, here are three specialists you may want to consider.

Guardian Ad Litem

If you are not able to agree on parenting time with your spouse or if you have a complex, nuanced case that can’t easily be addressed in court, you may want to consider a Guardian Ad Litem. Guardian Ad Litems can spend more time diving into your case and parenting issues outside of court. They act on behalf of the child’s best interest. This can be very helpful in sifting through heavy issues.

Financial Expert

If one or both spouses …

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Prepare for Your Bankruptcy Lawyer Consultation

You’ve come to the decision to consult with a bankruptcy lawyer Rockville MD. Most likely, this is an emotionally challenging time for you, and it is difficult to manage your affairs. Take the time to prepare for your consultation appointment, and the process will go more smoothly and quickly.

Gather Relevant Paperwork

You will need bank statements, a list of your creditors and debts, proofs of income and assets, and other papers. Ask your attorney’s office if he or she has a checklist of papers that you should bring to your initial consultation meeting. You will save time if you do not have to send paperwork later.

Make copies of this paperwork so that you can simply hand the lawyer a set and keep your own copies for your records. You don’t want to have to pause your meeting to allow staff to make copies.

Make a List of

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Three Things to Consider When Hiring an Immigration Lawyer

The immigration system in the United States of America is complex. With rules and regulations in constant flux, it may be beneficial to hire a lawyer to help navigate processes related to permanent residence and citizenship. You may get good advice from friends and family who have gone through the process successfully, but here are three things to ponder when consulting a legal professional.

AILA Membership

One of the first things to consider is if an attorney is a member of the America Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). The AILA is an organization dedicated to assisting advocates in staying abreast of all the changes in this complex field. While some states allow lawyers to specialize in immigration, almost anyone can advertise as being an expert. The AILA’s website, allows you to search based on a number of parameters or email the organization to look up a particular professional.

Location, Location,

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