personal injury solicitors in Dublin

When you receive a personal injury, you have to deal with doctors, police officers, and finally, lawyers. All these will help you get back on your feet as soon as possible.

Living in Ireland means you have to go over all these procedures even if the injury may not happen because of your fault. Still, without all three, healthy recovery will not be possible. The police and the doctors are going to be there in the first moments of the issue, but then you need to solicitors too.

When you’re done with the medical care and finished the reports with the police, you need to make sure the money gets back in your pocket. That’s why you should be looking for the best personal injury solicitors in Dublin that will help you get out of the crisis.

In this article, we’re talking about what you should mind before your first meeting with a personal injury attorney. Here are 5 tips that will help you make an understating of the entire situation.

1. Bring your accident report

A crucial document in the entire procedure is the accident report. Without it, you can’t do anything. Luckily, the police have to make one by law. They will have this prepared and you’ll probably need to sign it as one of the affected in the situation.

Bring your accident report with you so the solicitor can see it. You can make a copy of it if you don’t like carrying the original with you.

2. Images of the injury and place of the accident

The images will help the professionals make an understanding of the entire situation. Since they weren’t on the place when the accident happened, they need to know what was actually going on there at the moment when you received the injury.

If you suffered an issue and there’s the slightest chance for you to have a fault in it, they need to be prepared. If it was entirely your fault according to the police report, then they might find something that will be in your favor and create a better case. Learn more about this here.

3. Documents from the healthcare you received

If you suffered an injury you probably went to a hospital where doctors treated you. They also have a report of what you received as care. The medicaments, the treatment, everything will be inside. That includes all the bills too because they will be important for getting your money back.

More importantly, the solicitor will understand what kinds of injuries you received and how much you need to receive as compensation. This is one of the important documents. Without it, the solicitor will have no right to ask for anything from the other party.

4. Have all the bills related to your injury

You don’t want to spend anything on an injury received in an accident that made you spend time in the hospital, police stations, attorney offices, and wastes precious time of your life on things that you don’t want to do.

When the solicitor gets all the bills in their hands, they will easily calculate how much you spent on this procedure. Just a little more effort and they will calculate how much you need to receive back. Make sure you ask for a bill anywhere you go that is related to your personal injury.

personal injury solicitors in Dublin

5. Set of questions you’re interested in

If you’re going to the personal injury solicitor for the first, you surely don’t know what to expect and how the entire procedure will be going. Don’t hesitate to ask them all the questions you’re interested about.

For example, how the entire procedure is done? What is the possible outcome of the situation? What can I expect? How long will it take to resolve my case? See more ideas here:


These 5 tips should help you make the best appearance in your first meeting with the personal injury solicitor. Follow these tips and be sure that you’ll have no problem in solving all the issues that came your way and the challenges that are about to come. If you have chosen a great attorney, be sure that you’ll be just fine.