1. Know the difference between advice and information

Truthfully speaking, there are millions of information available on the internet.

The piece of information you get after explaining your situation is what is called advice.

Often when a majority of people will search on the internet information they want to hear about their situation.

The Jurisprudence of law is a very complex subject and one cannot clearly find a legal solution to their case based on their online research and understanding.


You will need an expert to give you advice instead.

2. Source Vs the information

Another good way to determine whether the information you are getting is relevant is by looking at the source.

Legal information from a personal website is presumably of less gravity as compared to information from a law firm’s website.

That is because you expect more professionalism from articles written under a website known to offer legal services as compared to one with an unsettled niche.

Take for instance you are seeking advice on self-defense. You don’t source your information from personal blogs or a lifestyle website.

Rather, a criminal defense attorney’s website is a good place to start or a security-related company.

The security company will not necessarily give you legal advice but will help know the legal methods and means of self-defense.

However, don’t just fall for any advertising companies without getting your full reviews from sites like US-Reviews.com.

For example, to save you from a long legal battle on self-defense, get the best security gadgets, i.e a personal alarm by reading security alarm online store reviews

3. The conformity of the information to national/state laws

As we all know different states have different laws. For this reason, the information you find online might differ from one state to another.

Reliable legal service should be one but not knows about your state laws but also practices under your state laws.

4. Certifications

The best way to know whether a legal service is reliable is by looking at the certifications.

For example, if you have a divorce matter in Georgia you’re more likely to trust a certified family law attorney based in Atlanta.

5. Reputation

Just like any other service, the reputation of online legal services does matter.

When taking any legal service ensure that the provider is well reputable. Read reviews to know more about how they handle their clients among the services you are looking for.

Things to expect from a reliable legal service

1. Legal fees

Reliable legal services will charge a fee on the services they provide. Whether it is a simple consultation or an actual court representation expect to be charged.

There is no known reliable legal service online that offers pro bono services.

Even so, pro bono services are commonly under criminal cases and really under civil cases.

This is so because in civil cases it is a client approaching the court to make a claim against another person. Seeking representation by a lawyer means you can actually afford them.

In criminal cases, on the other hand, the accused might not be in a position to afford services from a lawyer and because they are being prosecuted under public interest, they fit the profile to receive pro bono services.

2. Proper file documentation

Online legal service should be in a position to process and file court documentations.

If you’re approached by a company claiming they can offer you legal advice but yet they cannot do the basics of filing Court documents for validating documentation, that is not a reliable legal service.

3. Sufficient consultation with your lawyer 

Reliable legal service will also offer you sufficient consultation and we give you correct guidance on how to handle your legal situation.

Give you the best option to take based on their knowledge of the law in a situation where you cannot discern what is right.

4. Proper customer care

All online services should have a properly set customer care service and legal services are not left out.

Often online you will approach a law firm through their website and the first thing you will have to speak to an assistant or customer care.

The customer care service should then guide you through the services they offer and what you’re looking for, they should help you set an appointment with a legal counsel.

5. Referrals (if need be)

In some cases, you might approach a legal firm that does not offer the services you are looking for or if they do, they do not practice law under your jurisdiction.

In this case, a reliable legal service will refer you, to another reliable firm that can handle your case under your jurisdiction.