Divorce is a common phenomenon in the modern world, and you may hear about someone famous getting a divorce on an almost daily basis. As marriages fall apart across the globe, experts such in the field such as family attorney Lake Bluff IL and global social scientists, have begun to wonder why couples are choosing to end their married lives together. Here are three surprising reasons people ask for a divorce.


Weight Change

One of the most prevalent complaints and leading causes for requesting a divorce is weight gain or weight loss. As superficial as that sounds, there is a psychological foundation to the problem that has little to do with how small or large the person is. Rather, a marriage partner may lose his or her physical attraction for the other individual due to the change in body mass and appearance.

Employment Woes

If a marriage partner is unable to get a job, is not meeting obligations, or is moving from company to company, a spouse may request a divorce. The modern world allows men and women to expect an equal partner in their marital relationship, and when one party does not provide the monetary support the other has come to rely upon, it can often be the beginning of the end of spousal trust and happiness.

Age Problems

If a person gets married too young, or an older person marries someone with a significant age difference, problems in the relationship can result because the individual is not prepared for long term commitment or marriage. The same can be said for an individual that may marry while holding concrete expectations that are unfair or unreasonable.

The world can quickly shatter when one person asks another for a divorce. As research looks more closely into the reason divorces occur, perhaps they can also help discover how to heal after a divorce.