Going through a divorce is usually an unpleasant experience for everyone involved. The situation becomes even more complicated if you have children. While you may feel overwhelmed by everything that is happening, you need to take these steps to make the process go as smoothly as possible.

Get a Lawyer

Divorce is a legal proceeding, so you need an expert to help you through it. Depending on the nature of your divorce, a lawyer may be able to represent both you and your spouse. Look for a family attorney Tampa so that you can be sure he or she knows the process well. Ask your lawyer any questions that you have, even the ones that are embarrassing. You cannot complete the process well if you are uninformed.

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Discuss Custody

If you have children, you need to figure out custody as quickly as possible. For couples who are divorcing amicably, this may simply involve alternating weeks with the children. However, if one parent is found to be a threat to the children, only one parent may receive custody. While it is unlikely that you will be truly happy with most custody arrangements, dedicate plenty of time to figuring out what living situation will be the best for all involved, especially your children.

Figure out Housing

Your lawyer’s help is crucial as you decide future living arrangements. If you have an apartment, then you can both simply find a new one. If you own a house, then the situation becomes more complicated. Your lawyer can help you figure out if one of you will keep the house and receive less of the money that you share, or if you will sell the house and split the profit.

Don’t avoid these critical steps in the divorce process. Although they may be painful, they will make the outcome better in the long term.