Most people do not want an accident to happen in the workplace or anywhere else. However, sometimes things happen that cause people to become injured on the job. While preventing every single circumstance from occurring is highly improbable, there are ways to reduce the risk of employees being hurt during the course of their daily activities.

1. Poor Lighting

Low light situations can increase the chances of an employee tripping and falling or knocking something over. It can also cause them to unknowingly walk on a slippery surface and falling down or sliding into something that harms them. Depending on how dimly lit the area is, they could knock into coworkers and cause them to be injured. Failing to light up a work area enough may result in an employee filing a claim with workmans comp Oregon.

Workplace Accidents

2. Messy Workspace

The more things there are on the ground, the more likely it is that someone will trip or knock something down. Keep walkways clear and clean of debris and slick chemicals like oil and water. Have employees clean up after themselves to reduce the chance of accidents. Have policies in place about how to secure heavy items and move cargo.

3. Improper Training

Employees that are not properly trained can be a danger to themselves and others. If someone does not understand what the safety procedures are and how to implement them correctly, it puts people’s health or lives at risk. Provide plenty of training opportunities to staff members to ensure that they are able to safely perform their duties.

Having staff members do work of any nature can come with at least some risk. By ensuring that everyone is trained in all applicable safety protocols and knows how to handle any emergencies that may arise, people can work confidently in safer environments.