For months, you battled your ex-spouse on child custody issues. Now, the time has come to put your children first and win full custody. While child custody hearings can become uncomfortable and stressful, knowing how to stay calm and in control can increase your chances of winning. If you want to win a child custody battle with the help of a family law attorney, then keep reading.

Why are you likely to overreact during a child custody hearing?

While fighting for custody of your children, dark details about yourself may emerge in the hearing. Your ex-spouse might be especially angry and aggressive and can even make accusations that hurt. Because so much is happening in the courtroom at once while you’re trying to keep up, staying calm is difficult as the stressors begin to pile up on you in the space of an hour. Experienced family law attorneys can help you be confident when you’re asked questions during the hearing.  There are a few things you have to do to not overreact.

How not to overreact during a child custody hearing

By keeping your head together, you can avoid outbursts in court. The judge and your attorney will want arguments and statements to proceed smoothly for your benefit. The clearer your mind is the more rationally you can speak. The more coherent and confident you are, the greater your chances of appealing to a judge. Take these tips into consideration during one of your child custody hearings.

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1. Be assertive without yelling

You want to stand up for yourself and say what you’ve experienced. A judge needs to know why you’re fit to have custody, a process that requires confidence, details, and facts you have to state without losing control. At the same time, you may be stressed and want to yell out in court. But by stating the facts clearly and calmly, you appear much more rational and trustworthy. Assertiveness makes good lawyers as well, so you’ll both be on the same page during your hearing.

2. Tell your attorney in advance what sets you off

Your attorney should know in advance what type of statements or experiences will get you upset. Your attorney can object to statements and even speak out to protect you. Your attorney can sit down with you beforehand and prepare you for the hearing. As long as your lawyer knows what’s going on, they can be there to help. Don’t take the chance of letting your attorney enter the courtroom unprepared. Fill your family law attorney in with as many details as you can, including your concerns about negative statements being made that could you angry.

The attorneys at Heath Baker Family Law know how challenging a child custody hearing can be. They know you’ll be emotional, stressed out, and above all, wanting to get full custody of your children. For that to happen, it’s important for you to stay calm. Tell your attorney what bothers you and make sure you’re assertive without yelling in court. Soon, you’ll be on your way to getting your life back for sure.