What Has Immigration Done for the UK?  

In the days and weeks that followed the UK’s Brexit vote, there was a rise in racially-motivated hate crimes. Some believed that the result justified their actions, but of course there is never any justification for such behaviour. Quite wrongly it was assumed that immigration has been a bad thing for the UK.

Immigration to the UK is a taboo topic of conversation still, and creates divides across society. Here however, we look at the benefits of immigration UK, how the UK has benefitted and how society has been improved as a result. It is time to balance out the negativity.

Armed Forces

Throughout recent history, the British army has been bolstered by foreign nationals.


Up to 40% of NHS nurses and 37% of NHS doctors are foreign-born, according to GMC statistics. Just think for a second of going to A&E and having that many people missing.


Foreign companies account for over a third of the British economy, who would we work for or travel with if they were forbidden? One in five UK start-ups in the technology sector is foreign.


Sixty percent of immigrants have defined jobs to come to, and when applying for a UK Visa to work, it is a requirement that there is employment to support you, not the government. Furthermore, immigrants pay more in taxation than they receive in benefit, so the net gain is the UK’s. If you think £20bn is a lot of money, you’d of course be correct, but this figure is exactly what immigration added to the HMRC coffers in the decade to 2011.


Many jobs in construction and other trades are filled by foreign nationals. British agriculture relies heavily on migrant workers and up to 40% of food manufacturers are migrants. Certainly, migrant workers have helped the UK bridge the skills gap and provide UK businesses with a wealth of talent.

It has recently been quoted that the Brexit vote may well cripple UK agriculture, which is something for us all to think about over breakfast.

Not Just the Workers

You might think that students offer nothing but you would be wrong. Foreign students alone contributed £2.3bn to the UK economy in 2015, and that was only those in London!


In the UK, we have always had a diverse culture, but immigration has expanded and contributed to a wonderful mix of people and a diversity of experiences that we can all enjoy, be they sport, food, history, etc. There are so many more reasons to enjoy being in the UK because of the influence that immigration has had.

When you properly look at the issue of immigration UK, you start to see that there are so many positives. Many you will have taken for granted, for example, when you go to the doctors, but many more you may not have realised, such as putting food on the table. The financial benefits are real, too. The Treasury has more money now because of immigration so the UK wins as a whole. Finally, society has benefited, too, in ways where the value of such benefits are incalculable. So, for this and many other reasons let’s embrace the positives of UK immigration