The importance of driving licence checks

Companies often have employees that drive as part of their jobs. It’s essential that employers check that every individual is licensed to drive. The DVLA provides checks by using an electronic service that allows employers to check licence information online. The service shows which vehicles the employee may drive, when the licence expires, penalty points, disqualifications and previous driving offenses.

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Employees using their own vehicle as part of their job should also have checks carried out. This includes delivery drivers and individuals working in the care sector. Individuals can also check their own licences online.

The benefits of checking licences

Employers that check licences can be sure that their employees can provide an effective service that won’t damage their company’s reputation. It also allows organisations to contribute to road safety, by using individuals capable of driving in a safe and responsible manner.

Driving licence checks can prevent fraud, dishonesty and keep organisations compliant with driving regulations. It’s also beneficial for employers to get a basic DBS check, to provide further information of the background of their employees. Organisations can get a basic DBS check performed at Care Check.

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The risks of not checking licences

The main risk of not checking an employee’s licence is that they may not be suitable to drive. Individuals may not have passed their test or have car insurance or they may be a risk to road users.

Businesses could also face fines if there is an incident that occurs when an employee is driving for work. Companies that don’t check their drivers’ licences could face corporate manslaughter charges or breach health and safety legislation.

Corporate manslaughter regulations ensure that not only the employee but the business can face charges if an accident occurs. If the employer has not taken all possible steps to ensure the employee was safe to drive, the company can suffer.

Legal, financial and reputational repercussions can have a great impact on businesses and sometimes force them to close down. Employers should combine driving licence checks with basic DBS checks to ensure they protect themselves from potential issues that could occur.

Overall, driving licence checks are an essential part of the employment process that employers shouldn’t ignore. The expense of a check outweighs the potential damages to companies, employees and other road users.