Are You Looking for Suitable Lawyer to Defend DUI Charges?

According to statistics available in the USA, there is arrest of one for every 165 drivers who are licensed for the charges of drinking under the influence of alcohol. In case, you are charged under DUI or DWI charges then it can really be very stressful experience. Therefore, one must hire suitable expert lawyer related to such cases who can plead your case in the court very effectively. In every different state, the law regarding drinking driving varies and hence it is necessary to hire the local lawyer to fight your case.

In this article, we shall discuss few tips about selecting suitable OWI lawyer, who has experience to deal with cases related to intoxicated crimes, which includes drunken driving too.

  • Personal recommendation

Right thing to do is asking your trusted people to recommend the name of a suitable lawyer. If any of your trusted people has already taken service from any lawyer, you can give your best feedback about the lawyer. You may either ask your close friend, colleague or any other relative. You can know from him how the lawyer has performed during the course of the case. You will also get a rough idea about cost involved to fight such cases. However, you must remember that all DUI case may not be the same and hence the feedback you receive is subject to facts of the case.

  • Lawyer must be familiar with the area

If your lawyer is from the same place where you have committed the offence then it will be the best choice. Such lawyers are familiar with local rules and also various procedures of the court in that area. He will also be familiar with the judges and therefore plead your case accordingly. Any lawyer from other place may not be right choice to take up such case.

  • Make sure that lawyer has enough experience

Best lawyer would be one who has fought several cases for DUI charges and quite familiar with various tactics of fighting such cases. Also, he must have many years of experience and good familiarities with various laws and procedures related to DUI cases.

  • Prefer lawyer who can give you plenty of references

If your lawyer is ready to offer you many number of references then you must assume that he is very confident about his expertise. You may also discuss with the references and obtain right feedback about the lawyer.

  • Avoid hiring lawyer who has ever been disciplined

Find out whether the lawyer whom you are selecting to take up your case is ever disciplined by the bar. In case, you come to know about it then you need not proceed further with him anymore. Any lawyer of disrepute is never a good choice to fight such cases.

  • Don’t choose lawyer who charges very less fees

You must select lawyer based on his competence and not his price. Therefore, you must ask his fee and ensure that you can bear the expenses. You may also negotiate with him about the payment plan depending upon your convenience of making payment.